Friday, August 9, 2019

Human Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Rights - Essay Example Raising the voice for an independent and free form of government is the basic right of each individual. Besides this, civil rights are being violated all over the world which is against the charter international of human rights. Injustice on domestic and international level, lack of freedom of speech, and expression are few of the issues being faced in terms of human rights. Gender and human rights are usually co related in terms of their relevance to each other. The fair gender is often subjected to inhumane treatment, sexual abuses, and physical assaults. Protection against all these aforementioned factors is possible through the fulfillment of the human rights accords. The human rights laws entail all those necessary steps and proceedings which ensure protection of the weak. Besides the physical aspect, the weak gender is often subject to number of restrictions and confined to four walls. It is totally against the human rights. Hence, protection of the weaker gender can be ensured through the presence and practicing of human rights laws and principles. The concept of capability approach pertains to the transformation of a society with regard to its economic position, social improvement, political maturity and other variables that affect the society. It aims at identifying and mitigating the factors that result in the imbalance amongst various components of the society. This approach in broader perspective is termed as an element that helps determining causal relationship amongst the various segments of society and the tools under use. This concept is often loosely termed as the continuation of the concepts of Karl Marx, Adam Smith and Aristotle. However in modern times the man behind this concept is Amartya Sen who came up with this economical proposition with regard to the various elements of the society in a generic manner. Capability

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