Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Mid-Nineteenth Through the Early Twentieth Century Essay - 1

The Mid-Nineteenth Through the Early Twentieth Century - Essay Example He also condemned Christianity as it hindered the development of human instincts. He further went on to state that man can only be saved by the evolution of a superman who would create his rules based on his own instincts. He will not adhere to any set rules or code of conducts that have been imposed by the civilization of mankind. He firmly believed in his principles even during the late 19th century which was heralded as an era of scientific progress and development. Many European scholars considered the thoughts expressed by Nietzsche as an expression of the inner energy of man. Like Nietzsche, Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky also believed that human were irrational and rebellious and did not believe in the era of enlightenment or the age of human reason. He was totally against science and reasoning. He strongly believed that man could not fit into a tailor-made world and that he was bound to undergo suffering and act irrationally in order to assert their individuality. There w as more to the existence of human beings than merely reason and perform worldly duties expected from him. This, he believed, was the freedom of every man as it is created by him and not put down by the society in which he lives.

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