Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Letter to Morrie Shwartz

It really started to dawn on me how lightly we take the time we have in our lives and how little we love and live to the fullest. I feel that your belief in â€Å"when we learn how to die, we learn how to live† was really enlightening and true. As I read your philosophies on death and aging, you really described aging as not something to be hated and feared, but something to be embraced. You thought of it as more knowledge and experience, and had no reason to be jealous of young people; why be jealous of a man who is 40 when you've already been there?This idea really changed my thoughts on aging. Another belief of yours that admired was the bird perched on your shoulder. Though it wasn't your philosophy, it changed me a lot to try harder in life. I ask myself each day whether or not would be satisfied with dying at the end of the day. From this idea, thought of each time I sleep as me dying, but being reborn in the morning and starting the day anew. However, some days I'm just really unsatisfied, and that's okay, but will always try my best to have a great day every day.When you had one of your early conversations catching up with Mitch after so many years, I found your outlook on people's everyday lives to be very true. In the past few months, found myself very unsatisfied with how I was doing in school and keeping my body active. I had many unsatisfied days and nights, falling asleep unsure and anxious. During the day, I try my best to be alive and in the moment, and really being there, having my presence in the room in front of my peers. This idea really changed my thoughts on everyday fife and experiencing it fully.Yet another philosophy of yours that really moved me was your â€Å"detachment' technique. Recently, I've taken a lot of blows to my pride, and have lost a lot of respect from others and myself. I just have a lot of self-pity. Some days, when I feel incredibly sad and helpless, I detach myself; experience, wash myself in all the negative emotions bothering me. Face these problems and emotions so that I can understand it, know it, and then let go. It really helps when I feel pretty low, and I'm sure it will help even more n the future, and thankful for that, Morris. Next pig) All in all, my idea Of the meaning Of life has changed so much. I have learned to live more, love more, and do more. It has changed me as a person, and really could never have had such a great learning experience. I've learned a lot about myself and the people around me; flaws, talents, interests, opinions, beliefs, the list goes on. A lot of the problems I've had have been solved thanks to your story, Morris. I am sincerely thankful for that, and your student Mitch, for sharing it with us. Sincerely yours,

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