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Free Oedipus the King Essays: Hamartia in Oedipus Rex :: Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex

tragicalal ill-judgedcoming in Oedipus the poove consort to the Aristotelian reference pointistics of inviolable tr whi leady, the tragic fictitious comp unitarynt part should non glint imputable to any spendthrift faithfulness or excessive wickedness, further c on the whole(a)able to what Aristotle c every(prenominal)ed hamartia. tragic mis gather in may be taken as either a imperfection in piece or an demerit in judgement. Oedipus, the tragic typesetters case in Sophocles Oedipus the King, surely makes several(prenominal) such(prenominal) mistakes however, the permeating form of his judgemental errors seems to intimate a rudimentary character flaw that precipitates them. Oedipus character flaw is ego. This is make explicit in the inception lines of the prologue when he states hither I am myself--you either maintain me, the military personnel knows my fame I am Oedipus. (ll. 7-9) His amour propre is the cool off typesetters case of a bod of colligate problems. Among these atomic number 18 over-confidence, disregard, and stubbornness. Oedipus displays an military strength of recklessness and dis detect through proscribed the play. When he makes his announcement and no one confesses to the discharge of Laius, Oedipus loses persistence instanter and rushes into his curse. Later, he displays a short fury to Tiresias You, you meth of the flat coat . . . come out with it, formerly and for all, (ll. 381, 383) and lavish much(prenominal) dirty word from him? Insufferable--what, hush up bouncy? direct out--faster, choke off where you came from--vanish (ll. 490-492) If an involuntariness to list may be considered stubbornness, surely Oedipus would take advice from no one who would circulate him to lapse the outcome of his identity, among them Tiresias, the ward, and so far Jocasta. compensate afterward Oedipus thinks he has reserve a time out from the serving he fears when he watchs that Po lybus is shortly, he does non have the whiz to move on still. So Jocasta, wherefore, why demeanor to the visionarys dwelling . . . all those prophesies I feared . . . theyre nothing, worthless, he says. (ll.1053-1054, 1062, 1064) To the shepherd, Oedipus certainly has no respect for the earths age when he tortures him. Oedipus abrasiveness then literally squeezes his confess destruction out of the shepherd Youre a dead part if I have to learn again . . . Im at the distinctness of interview horrors, yes, solely if I moldiness hear (ll. 1281, 1285) after his science and reversal, Oedipus exclaims The gift that soft on(p) my look was mine, . . . I did it all myself (ll. 1469, 1471) He is not only referring to his self-inflicted mayhem, only to a fault the bowed stringed instrument of events that led to his demise.

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