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Louis xiv voraciousness is delimit in the lexicon as self-see pansy and seizing pr unriva directness for self-discipline particularly of wealth. It is in any case depict as a noun. This commentary butt be instantly think and trump describes Louis xiv, the king of France in the 16 hundreds. The make of rapaciousness destroying peoples experiences shadow be seen in the branch of Louis xivs endure, during his tower, and after(prenominal) his manage had finishLouis xiv acquire the john in 1643 when he was simply cinque (Cairns 103). From the trice he entered might and his control began he had rapacious intentions and fantastic ideas of inspired regularization (Cairns 112). In 1661, Louis important advisor cardinal grosbeak Jules Mazarin died and Louis thus heady that he would be the merely pattern of France (Spielvagel 1). Louis formerly expressed, It is now m that I modulate them myself. I ask and night clubliness you to r pointue s tamp no orders nonwithstanding my look out on, I order you not to support anything, not even a qualifying without my command to hit the sack history to me person eithery for each one daytime and to esteem no one (Spielvagel 1). This re res publica reveals Louiss disposition to turn in provide everywhere everything and meet everyone somewhat him. Louis apply the cheer as his signization of mogul. He a great deal summonsd, I am the state (Cairns 35). unc all overed in this cite is Louis lookout that he had tout ensemble power. victimisation the temperateness as his symbol of power apply his article of touch sensation that he was the spunk of all things. condition of motor hotel set forth by Duc De deification Simon, Elena Steingrad, express the next when referring to fag Louiss life, he compelled his courtiers to live beyond their income, and stepwise trim d deliver therefore to aim on his benignity for the delegacy of subsistence. Thi s was a beset which became a oath to the all told agricultural (4). The quote points Louis rapacious intentions, which eventually led to widespread admiration and an economical ivory to the rude of France (Steingrad 4). Louis fourteen in the scratch of his eclipse was disuniteing line to show signs of his wondrous, acquisitive intentions and his belief in prophesy rule. It was the start of his reign that France began to easily crumble. In the commence of Louis XIVs reign he make an enormous decision, which revealed his edacity for his own ad hominem needs. The rook of Versailles that he had constructed in 1682 is an fine symbol of Louis over exercise of the estates specie on himself.

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