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God of Christianity vs. Allah of Islam. Although they are many Essay

paragon of Christianity vs. Allah of Islam. Al greengh they are many similarities amid the two, their vast differences support that Christians and Muslims worship - Essay ExampleAllah is the Arabic world and a given name to God as Yahweh, the holy trinity given to God in Christianity.Islam considers Jesus the true prophet of God whose meat has later been corrupted. Whereas in Christianity Jesus is recollectd to be the Son of God, and savior of the world who has been crucified at the altar but Muslims believe that he has been lifted uninjured by Allah and will be resurrected before the Day of Judgment.Without understanding the history of tauheed i. e. absolute monotheism in Islam in contrast with Trinitarians concept of God the issue of worshiping incompatible Gods in both the religions cannot be understood.When Mohammad (the prophet of Islam) announced his prophet hood in the year 612 AD in Kaabaa (the Muslims sacred house of Allah believed to be create by Abraham) was decora ted with 360 idols placed by pagans of quresh tribes of Arabia. Pagans used to worship those idols for fulfillment of their worldly desires. The most famous idols were named as laat, mannat and huzza (shimmel 1990). The prophet placed the truthfulness of his message in the once and for all rejection of the worship of all the idols in one stroke. And he announced, Say there is no God but Allah, so that thou be successful. Al Koran. From 1612 AD to 1622 AD he faced cutthroat opposition from the pagans of Mecca till he self exiled to medina, another holy city of Islam. hence on struggleds he placed all the emphasis on the absolute monotheism of God i.e. Allah. He integrated faith in tauheed and the matter of his prophet hood together in one pronouncement Kalama (an Arabic verse) there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the prophet of Allah. So early Islam remained in constant war with pagans of Arabia during the life of Mohammad and a long after him. The pagans had coined their own gods to worship and they were ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of their faith. Islam developed as an anti-thesis of polytheism of Arabia. Koran was mainly believed to preach tauheed, (the absolute monotheism) during the stay of prophet Mohammad in Mecca from 572 AD to 612 AD. Perhaps there was no other slogan stronger than this one (tauheed) that could break and reorganize the Arab golf club under single leadership that later integrated economy, politics, state and religion together. The prophet after having achieved the basic success ensured that the edifice of his religion strongly stands on the basis of tauheed. He gave in Koran various strong commandments of Allah regarding tauheed.Historically Islam and Christianity coexisted side by side. Islam accepted Christianity as divine religion and ordained Muslims to believe in the entire previous prophet and not to discriminate between them. Koran gave a whole chapter on the innocence and gross(a)ity of Mary and confirme d the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Any one who did not believe in the prophet hood of Mary and Jesus was not accepted as a Muslim. However Koran gave the concept of lifting alive of Jesus to heavens by God and his resurrection before the Day of Judgment. There is hardly any difference between the two religions as far as divinity, concept of dooms day, heaven and hell angle and devil etc are

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