Sunday, June 9, 2019

Online Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Online Marketing - Essay ExampleOne of the major companies that are currently practising online merchandiseing and doing perfectly in the business is the coca cola company for soft and non-alcoholic drinks (Blum, Sandholm, & Zinkevich, 2002).Coca Cola familiarity is based in Atlanta, Georgia in United States under the management of Muhtar Kent. The company manufactures, retails, and markets non-alcoholic drinks exclusively over the world. The company was launched by Griggs Candler in 1892 and has been in the business since then making tremendous steps and achieving great success (Hartogh, 2007). Coca Cola Company has been very successful in the market due to its tonus drinks that differentiate its products from those produced by the competitors.The companys great success is not only attributed to quality products but also to recent advertisement techniques such as online marketing and other forms of advertisements such as social media. The companys high market penetration ordur e be attributed to its ability to respond to customers taste and preferences depending on their geographic area. The company serves and distributes its drinks to over 200 countries all over the world currently. It has its home in every country where bottling and distribution strategies take place (Ba, Whinston, & Zhang, 2003).Coca Cola being a giant company in the field of beverages has interpreted many steps in the business expansion. The best strategic decision taken by the business is online marketing. The company launched internet websites many years agone (Tian, 2006). Website plays a major role in the field of marketing by improving the relationship with the customers and better customer services. The company is currently running its website that can be accessed by using Apart from this website the company has several other websites depending on the country of interest. A website fulfils many purposes for an organisation. A website design serves as a

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