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Khaled Hosseini Essay Example for Free

Khaled Hosseini EssayThe story is about emeer and Hassan, a Hazara. They strike down their days in a peaceful capital of Afghanistan, kite fighting, roaming the streets and universe boys. emeers father loves both the boys, further seems critical of Amir for not being manly enough. Amir also fears his father blames him for his mothers death during childbirth. However, he has a kind father figure in the form of Rahim Khan, Babas friend, who understands Amir better, and is supportive of his interest in writing stories. Assef, a mean and violent older boy, blames Amir for socializing with a Hazara. According to Assef, the Hazaras were an inferior step on it that should only live in Hazarajat.He prepares to attack Amir with his steel knuckles, entirely Hassan courageously stands up to him, and threatens to shoot Assef in the eye with his slingshot. Assef and his friends back off, but Assef says he will take revenge. Hassan is a successful kite runner for Amir. He knows where t he kite will land without even watching it. One swaggering day, Amir wins the local tournament, and finally Babas praise. Hassan goes to run the last cut, it was a great trophy. Hassan then said For you, a thousand quantifys over. Unfortunately, Hassan runs into Assef and his two henchmen.Hassan refuses to give up Amirs kite, so Assef exacts his revenge, assaulting and raping him. Wondering why Hassan is taking so long, Amir searches for Hassan and hides when he hears Assefs voice. He witnesses the rape but is too scared to help him. Afterwards, for some time Hassan and Amir keep a distance from each other. Amir reacts differently because he feels ashamed, and is frustrated by Hassans saint-like behavior. Al chartery jealous of Babas love for Hassan, Amir worries if Baba knew how bravely Hassan defended Amirs kite, and how cowardly Amir acted, that Babas love for Hassan would grow even more.To force Hassan to leave, Amir frames him as a thief, and Hassan falsely confesses. Baba f orgives him, despite the fact that, as he explained earlier, he believes that there is no act more wretched than stealing. Hassan and his father Ali, leave anyway. Hassans departure frees Amir of the daily reminder of his betrayal, but he still lives with his guilt. volt years later, the Russians invade Afghanistan Amir and Baba escape to Peshawar, Pakistan and then to Fremont, California, where Amir and Baba, settle in an apartment and Baba works at a gas station.Amir finally takes classes at a local community college to develop his writing skills. Every Sunday, Baba and Amir make extra money selling used goods at a flea market in San Jose. There, Amir meets fellow refugee Soraya and Sorayas father, who was a high-ranked officer in Afghanistan. Baba is diagnosed with cancer but is still capable of granting Amir one last kick upstairs he asks Sorayas fathers permission for Amir to marry her. He agrees and they marry. Shortly thereafter Baba dies. Amir and Soraya get to know that they cannot have children.Fifteen years after his wedding, Amir receives a call from Rahim Khan, who is dying from an illness. Rahim Khan asks Amir to come to Pakistan. He tells Amir there is a way to be good again. Amir goes. Ali was killed by a land mine. Hassan had a wife and a son, named Sohrab, and had returned to Babas house as a caretaker at Rahim Khans request. One day the Taliban bump off Hassan, along with his wife. Rahim Khan reveals that Ali was not really Hassans father. Hassan was actually the son of Baba, therefore Amirs half-brother.Rahim Khan tells Amir that the true reason he has called Amir to Pakistan is to go to Kabul to rescue Hassans son, Sohrab, from an orphanage. Amir returns to a Taliban-controlled Kabul with a guide, Farid, and searches for Sohrab at the orphanage. He does not find Sohrab where he was supposed to be. The director of the orphanage tells them that a Taliban appointed comes often, brings cash and usually takes a girl back with him. Once i n a while however, he takes a boy, recently Sohrab. The director tells Amir to go to a soccer match and the man who does the speeches is the man who took Sohrab.Farid manages to secure an appointment with the speaker at his home, by saying that he and Amir have individualised business with him. At the house, Amir has his meeting with the man in sunglasses. The man is revealed to be his childhood enemy, Assef. Assef is aware of Amirs identity from the very beginning, but Amir doesnt witness who hes sitting across until Assef starts asking about Ali, Baba and Hassan. Sohrab is being kept at the home where he is made to dance dressed in womens clothes, and it seems like Assef cleverness have been sexually assaulting him.Assef agrees to release him, but only for a price a fight with Amir. Amir is the protagonist of the story. He lives with his father, while his mother died when he was born. He has trouble getting attention and love from his father. He is best friends with Hassan, an d the story follows him from the time he is a child to adult. He is good at school, but he is a boy who is struggling to get his father to be happy, he feels that he is the disappointment of his father. He characterizes himself as a coward, with small(a) purpose. He changes his personal beliefs twice throughout the history.First time when Hassan is raped, after the event he is not talking with Hassan because of his guilt and gets Hassan kicked out of the house. The second is when he goes back to Afghanistan to retrieve the son of Hassan. As an adult, he proved what he can do, and is presented as a man with so much courage that no one else ever had. Hassan is the son of Ali, who is the servant of Baba. Hassan is a Hazara and he is often discriminated against and oppressed by others. Hassan is brave, loyal and always protects Amir. Since Hassan has not gone to school, he learns to read and write from Ali.Hes doing what hes told. He is incredibly loyal to Amir. When Amir accuses him o f stealing his watch, he said to Baba that he was the one who took it, without Amir asking him about it. Hassan is the character that changes at least throughout the history. Assef is the evil character in this book. He hates Hazaras, which is shown clearly in the book. Therefore, he is looking for Amir. He believes that it is his fault that Hassan lives with him. He is the one that causes problems betwixt the childhood friends Amir and Hassan. We have two turning points in this book.The first comes when Hassan is sexually abused by Assef and his gang. It changes the friendship of Amir and Hassan. Amir stops talking with Hassan because he feels ashamed and feels that he has betrayed Hassan. The second turning point comes when Rahim Khan calls Amir. Amir changes and realizes that he can make things better. He decides to find Sohrab and get him to safety. This is the social structure of the story. The story starts with a short introduction where the narrator tells us a little about himself and Kabul. Then we get more excitement and we get the closing.The climax is when Hassan got raped by Assef. Anything could happen at that point because Amir was looking at everything that happened. The excitement fell down after that incident because Hassan and Ali left the house, but it became more and more interesting after that because the Russians invaded Afghanistan and Amir had to leave Afghanistan. That was a big change in the story. Once again we got a climax when Amir stood face to face against Assef. He had a chance to take revenge now. This was our presentation of The Kite Runner.We have told you a little about the plot, the characters, the turning-points, climax, the setting, the themes and the means in the book. I will end the presentation by talking about my opinion about the book. I loved this book. It has a good structure, the center is really good and you dont want to stop reading. I dont like to read books, but this book was special. 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