Friday, June 14, 2019

The Climate of Teamwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Climate of Team unravel - Essay ExampleIn the following parts, first, some background randomness has been provided. It is followed by the segment elaborating the teamwork in the presentation. Subsequently, definition and application of Honey and Mumford learning style part have been included. Before conclusion, preferred learning style has been detailed.My team consisted of five members. After a careful deliberation, it was decided that each team member will have individual tasks and subsequently they will be require to give a presentation on the given topic. For our team, the topic was Analysis on the Market Position and Financial Performance of Orange. For this task, I assigned disparate activities/tasks to the team members in which literature research and company research, Harvard citation style and writing the assignment were the main areas given to the team members. After completing this part, it was conviction to give a presentation on the topic. For the presentation, we sat together and chalked out the presentation strategy.Belbin has identified 9 team maps plant, shaper, resource investigator, co-coordinator, implementer, evaluator/monitor, team worker, and closer/completer and specialist (Belbin, 2014). Each role requires different expertise, potential and skill and capable enough to handle a particular situation within a team. Belbin describes that the role of the shaper is identified as having dynamic behavior, outgoing besides challenging ineffectiveness and complacency (Prichard and Stanton, 1999). However, Belbin also points out that the team of shaper demonstrates higher work rates and capable enough to search out different possible ways to get things sorted out (Prichard and Stanton, 1999).Keeping in view the requirements and work of the task I had, I performed the role of the shaper.

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