Tuesday, June 18, 2019

SuperJam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SuperJam - Assignment ExampleA dashingly young entrepreneur, Fraser Doherty, not even in his 20s, concocted takings jams with absolutely no sugar and preservatives, using pipeline fruit instead, to sweeten them. There atomic number 18 varieties of flavors to choose from blueberry and blackcurrant, rhubarb and ginger fruit, orange and passion fruit, and cranberry and raspberry.What makes SuperJam unique and distinct from other fruit jams is that its ingredients are all sourced from the freshest fruit farms in Scotland and the innovative blend which created new and excitingly healthy flavors. Rhubarb, for instance, was reported to be an antioxidant with loads of Vitamins A and C. Likewise, it is a natural laxative which helps improve cleansing and detoxification of the bodys waste products. When combined with ginger, a tuber which gives a warming and calming effect, the fruit jam concocted is best apply in pies, oatcakes, and porridge.In the video entitled Tricky Business, John Boy le, a multi millionaire and UKs most successful entrepreneur mentored Fraser Doherty when he reflected on expanding his homemade fruit jam business and planned to market it in supermarkets. Doherty started working on using his grandmothers jam recipe when he was 14 eld old and weathered all sorts of challenges and trials of entrepreneurship. Boyle, during their first encounter, advised Fraser to expand slowly by moving the production to a small factor from his kitchen, to get nearly investment, and to supply his jam to delis and small shops.

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