Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Existentialism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

existentialist philosophy - Essay ExampleThe write reiterates that the American culture and authenticity has been developed by sacred origins. theology is considered to be the more or less outstanding approach to the American authenticity culture, as many of the philosophers have observed. For instance, near American philosophers have initiated their activities in the American history, claiming that they have been heeded by a higher calling. In dim of this statement, re-known religious Dr. Phil states that he works and initiates activities if he feels they ar logical systemal (Guignon, 6). If he does not feel the logic behind these activities, then there is no need to attend to such. In seconding the religious inductions in authenticity, the author states that Oprah is a re-known American, who is guided by religion in his endeavors. She states that she has the church within herself. This substantiates the bearing of authenticity as strong religion, which makes people successf ully attend to their endeavors.In respond the question, what kind of life is the one most worth living, being authentic is one of the best given(p) answers by the author. However, the other point ion answering such a question is Simply acting to fully fulfill a persons social and religious duties. In making this a better approach to living, ones religious experience needed to generate chat sincerity. This could only be achieved by a person having fully admitted his or her introspection. With such situations in the create world, it is considered that the developing world has indeed changed the original find of authenticity (Guignon, 8). Therefore, to get a better view of defining a persons authenticity and how he or she is living, Personal ambition and agendas are to be given a concrete definition. This is by banking on what a person is determined to gained, given the highest scale of attainment. Given all this freedom, it was considered a hard task to fully

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