Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Generation Y Essay -- Youth Papers

Generation YYour generation is nothing but a bunch of computer devoted slackers. You kids dont care about anything. These phrases and others can be overheard coming from the mouths of baby boomers, those born amidst 1946 and 1964, and other Generation Y predecessors. What happened? For years now, Generation Y, those born between 1977 and now, produce been viewed negatively (Alch 1). Though the origins of the slacker title are uncertain, the term has certainly stuck. It could be considered a fitting title. After all, Generation Y performs poorly(predicate) in shoal, has no motivation to work, and doesnt get involved with the issues, right? Well no, not exactly. Generation Y is largely misunderstood. Theyre actually extremely concerned with what goes on around them and are working harder than ever. These people are well on their way to reshaping society as we know it.Generation Y is a self-assured generation, with high self-esteem. They are opinionated and value thei r privacy (Article 15 1). They have a strong work ethic and have grown up intelligence the electronic economy. Unlike their predecessors, Generation Y has demonstrated a sense of responsibility by having part time jobs while in high school and college. Often, they take down help pay for their schooling (Alch 1). Clearly, it is worth taking a second glance before prematurely judging this generation.Sure, young Americans are accustom to the computer, but why wouldnt they be? Generation Y, also known as the echo-boom generation, has grown up digital. Forget them buying notebooks for school, theyre buying laptops and zip disks instead. Times have changed and so have their focuses. Contrary to popular belief, this new generation sets their sights high t... ...eyre riding high on the technology wave, too, and are a hardworking, focused people. At this point they definitely have the upper hand by understanding the technology the rest of the world cant grasp. Upon closer evalu ation, Generation Y may even have a certain charisma that the baby boomers lack. BibliographyWorks CitedAlch, Mark. Get ready for the net generation. Society for the Advancement of Education 2000. 7 November 2000. Article 15. 7 November 2000. New survey shows that most young adults have strong opinions on top campaign issues, but many still not planning to vote. 25 September 2000. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 11 November 2000. Raising Student Achievement. White House. 11 November 2000. What happened the year you were born? SLACK Incorporated. 11 November 2000.

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