Sunday, May 12, 2019

Writting a letter to the president Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Writting a allowter to the president - Essay ExampleWhile I was reflexion the photographic film, I kept thinking of my own country, Korea. It reminded me a lot about my own peoples similar experience under the Japanese, who still denies the allegation even until now. In addition, it did not help that the Korean government was not trying their best to prove it. Nevertheless, I believe people ought to be apprised that instances like these happened, and is probably still happening albeit subtly, in countries like Canada, Korea and even in the United States.I am writing to the President of Korea, hoping to accomplish 2 things first is to ask him to watch the same movie and get the picture of how the First races people in Canada have been treated and second is to make him strike the bigger picture of it all the similar (but under different circumstances) situation that Korea has experienced. When, hopefully, he does see this things, he will also realize that cases like these have t o be stopped and prevented, even and most particularly in this present generation.Hello. My name is Seungeun Lee and I a Korean who loves my country so much. It would be such an honor to talk and propose my thought with you. Please listen to this young student as everyone knows you are a wise leader. I have been a student in Canada for four old age now. While I am studying here, I found the story about the First Nation in Canada. It is interesting because they had been through the struggle time as the Koreans. And while people are education about what happened to them through books, there is this one movie that I think will also let us see a glimpse of the experiences of the First Nation in Canada.The movie is entitled Where the aliveness Lives, and if you watch this you will see what I am talking about. Basically, the First Nation in Canada was squeeze to lose their identity by Canadian government during 1930s. The government thought that they were uncivilized and doing a fav or for them, when all the while was that they were destroying them. In

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