Friday, May 10, 2019

Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 17

Interview - Essay recitationHe would for instance ask So yesterday, what happened? to leave the interviewee with the luxury of choosing from a possible broad break away of responses.Describe the interviewers salute to the body of the interview. Did they use a highly plan/structured, moderately schedule/structured, or non-scheduled/non-structured body? See Chapter 8 textbookBased on the types of questions emanating from the interviewer, it is apparent that the he obdurate to use an unstructured approach in the main body of the interview. This is especially so when he persistently asks open-ended questions based on the responses he receives from the interviewee.The interviewer acclimatized both the audiences and the interviewee to the tone of the interview by officially introducing the interviewee by his official title while extending an official greeting. This confirmed the authority of the interviewee and the significance of the questions that followed.The interviewee chose a ra ther bourgeois posture by sitting upright with hands on the laps. This signified submission to the interviewer and readiness to rig any questions that would arise during the interview. The interviewee used head gestures like nodding to imply approval of whatever weigh was in question.Although there were instances of open-ended questions, most of the questions asked by the interviewer were closed, often demanding an approval or denial in matters of national importance. For instance, the interviewer asked the interviewee the following question. Do you accredit among you, Obama, and Bush, who had the highest tax receipts of all three of you? Do you know?Describe the interviewers approach to the body of the interview. Did they use a highly scheduled/structured, moderately scheduled/structured, or non-scheduled/non-structured body? See Chapter 8 textbookThe interviewer used a moderately structured approach in the interview by

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