Monday, May 27, 2019

Lionel Messi

Alex Bello Writing 2 Mrs. Chavez 1/17/13 Soccer I decided to write about soccer because it is something I love and have passion for. I have been playing soccer all my life since I started walking and havent stopped playing. I play soccer here at MCC and I was the leading scorer and I was selected for the 2nd squad all-region as a freshmen. I was the only freshmen on the team to get this award. It is a privilege for me to have soccer in my life. I am so thankful that I am able to do something I love. I have an idol. A mentor and someone I look up to in soccer.His name is Lionel Messi. He is known as the top hat player in the world today, and some people enunciate that he is the outperform ever. To my opinion, he is the best ever. He has done things in soccer that no one has ever done in the history of the sport. He scored 92 goals in one calendar year. The previous record was 86 goals in the 1980s. That is an unbelievable record. Messi is only 56 but he is real strong for a short guy. He was in born in Rosario, Argentina. He moved to Spain when he was only 7 years old and he has Spanish citizenship.When he became a pro, he decided to come play for his native country. Another part of soccer that really motivates me to play better, is watching the team FC Barcelona play. They are known as the best team In the world today. They are smooth and have a great touch with the ball. No other team in the world keeps up with their fast pace. Messi also plays for this team. This is where he set the record. In 2010, Barcelona set the record for winning every tournament of that year. I love to watch this team play. I learn a lot from them.Lionel Messi has played in 2 world cups, and by record, he doesnt usually perform at his best. People say he is more lazy when he is playing for his country. Messi says that he always gives his 100% when he is out in the pitch. He also said that he is more nervous, but he promised that in the world cup of 2014 he will perform at a success ful level. I am very excited to watch the 2014 world. It will be held in Brazil. It should be a very exciting event, also because it is the biggest sports tournament of the world.

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