Monday, May 6, 2019

Who is profiling for Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Who is profiling for - Essay ExampleIn The crazy Kid Profile, Mary superior claims that the new method being used to detect violence from atypical students will take over the student dignity of millions of students at school. She feels profiling is wrong and is a spurt of offender, and she also believes that it goes against the Bill of Rights as well. Thus, around students unintentionally suffer the profiling they have no curb over. In general, I agree with Mary Lord who claims that profiling has negative effects on students at high school. Those negative impacts are further discussed in this paper with specific reference to Mary Lords article The Violent Kid Profile. However, the paper does not aim to provide dyed information but is designed to present both positives and negatives of profiling.One of the most crucial criticisms against profiling involves the dubiety about the causes of the problem behavior that a teenager demonstrates. This is the weakness of profiling that i t lacks exposing the actual reason keister a problem behavior and accepts the behavior as an intentional, violent act. The fact that the profiled actions might just be the similar actions performed by other teenagers in the same situation and with the same capacity is ignored veritable actions are logical to be expected on the basis of reasonableness and situation. Lord points out that some profiles apply equivocal standards to evaluate students behaviors and provide vague standards to include students in the list of those having problems, anxiety abd connect issues. She quotes Kevin Dwyer president of the National Association of school Psychologists, who describes some of these profiled behaviors as, Listens to songs that promote violence... Appears to be an average student....Isolated... Dress sloppily (Para 6). The behaviors mentioned by Kevin Dwyer are too normal to be observed in the new generation. Therefore, adding such standards to

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