Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Global Marekting and Ethics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global Marekting and Ethics - Coursework workoutThe success of the vehicle companies largely depends upon supplying vehicle models keeping in parity with the customers tastings and preferences. In this domain of perfect competition, continuous innovation is ushering among the companies for building up new design of cars. Attracting customers along with product innovations, customers taste and preferences must be given prime emphasis for success. In 1980s and 1990s the main jabbing of the go companies was to produce so called world cars. The term world cars mean that several automobile multinational companies like Ford, General Motors, and Toyota during that time targeted to sell cars in a same design produced in their modify units in their oerseas global market with a perspective that it would reap them huge benefit over their cost coverage. But the ultimate scenario in the reality was reverse. It was found that consumer in antithetic market showed distinguishable taste and preference orientation as for lesson in North America the consumers demand were dyed towards pick up cars while in European countries pick up cars were treated as utility-grade vehicles purchased by firms for production use. Life style and preferences of the consumers can be referred to as a old-timer capricious force in global marketing of automobile industries.... In many cases the firms may have to aggrandize unique mix in their marketing strategies in order to appeal purchasing behavior of a certain segment in a certain region. Management studies have revealed that African-Brazilian market is completely different from African-American market the causal factor being the differences in social norms. In another example it was seen that group of people in China aged 45-55 who had few parallels in other countries during 1960s and seventies were highly sensitive to price change and produced negative attitude towards entry of new products (Hill, n.d., p.491). So the firms had to consider and formulate their marketing strategy mix in order to find a solution. Gender bias can also be regarded as a strategic factor in the global automobile industry. In the American society, in the automobile industry initially there was a trend in mixed workforce (both male and female) but in stages that trend changed and focus was diverted towards male handedness in the workforce and the famous Ford Company were in favor of this policy and promoted the same and gained peculiar success. From table 1 (appendix), it can be seen that percentage women employment in Ford Company gradually declined (Robertson, 1999). Role of religion in global marketing of automobile industries Religion also acts a chief driving force in global marketing paradigm. In United States of America, there is predominance of microscopical groups and they have deep belief in spirituality. There is no certain rigorous rigidity in joining different religious group only following few simple rules and som e folksy meetings (generally couple of months in that religious group) will suffice. These small religious groups rather behave like product

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