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The Shaper of Medieval Civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Shaper of Medieval politeness - Essay ExampleThe Church, and specifically its monasteries, helped in this regard by making translations and compilations of Classical works and by the books collected and copied by monks and nuns, all of which kept intellectual life from dying out completely in the Early Middle Ages (Perry 212).After capital of Italys fall, the Church assumed many political functions formerly performed by the roman state (Perry 212). Even during invasions by Germanic tribes which ruined a lot of things, the Churchs monks continued to teach a higher morality, which both tamed the warrrior habits of the Germanic people and preserved some of the high culture of Greece and Rome (Perry 212).This was most highly seen by the Churchs influence on the Frankish Empire, which at one point occupy the majority of Europe. Since Clovis converted to Roman Christianity, the Franks became a potential ally of the papacy (Perry 215). With the rise of Charlemagne, this potential bec ame reality, as the conqueror was crowned ... Emperor of the Romans in 800 AD by the pope at the time, Leo common chord (Perry 217).As the primary source for Chapter 9 shows, Charlemagne was not exactly an ignorant warrior and nothing else. Einhard describes the emperor as deriving much pleasure from the works of St. Augustine, especially from his book called The City of God (Einhard). The fact that he could read St. Augustine also shows that he spoke and read Latin, something Einhard confirms when he says the emperor took pains to learn exotic languages, acquiring such knowledge of Latin that he could make an address in that language as well as in his own, and in fact could even understand Greek (Einhard). Clearly, then, Charlemagne was extraordinarily influenced by the Church and its messengers towards learning.Presumably because of his own reading and learning, the emperor was also supportive of education in general. He

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