Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Fran Dorn is the host of Literary Visions, a telecourse video. Dorn is an intelligent person with a love for literature and reading. After watching just one of these telecourse videos, Ive recognize to learn a lot about Miss Dorn. With that said, I would like to share with you some of the bits and pieces I have come to learn. What kind of person is this Fran Dorn? Do these videos tell you anything about her personal life? Most interestingly, what are her thoughts on literature? As I sat, notebook and pen in hand, watching these videos, I kept asking myself, Who is this person? Is she nice? Mean? Compassionate? The one thing you could tell about Miss Dorn right away was that she was a real intelligent woman. Dorn read many books, she has a Masters degree and that wasnt the only way you crumb tell she is an intellectual. The way she talked with such association about literature, and confidence. Miss Dorn graced the television set with such poise. Shes the type of person most peop le aspire to be.There are many things you can learn about Fran Dorns personal life. Dorn states that she has her Masters degree in theater. She also said that she went to a Graduate School in in the altogether York for three years. Miss Dorn always loves to read books. She also collected them. Some of the books in her collection include Busy Timmy, and the The Velveteen Rabbit. On the day Dorn gradatory from Graduate School, she bought herself a book to celebrate. The book was The Velveteen Rabbit. The stores shop clerk asked her if she wanted it wrapped as a gift for someone. She explained it was only for her, and the clerk wrapped it up. Then the clerk stated It was indeed a gift, a gift I was giving myself.

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