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Superfund site Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Superfund point - Essay ExampleAfter 1992, leasing of the come out following procedures defined by the Industrial Development Board. However, the buildings were not tampered with after the leasing of the site until during the cleanup exercise. sure reports indicate that the site is not occupied, but is under the ownership of R&B investments. The site borders two residential homes, and the EPA has carried out sound judgement tests of the quality of water in these residences after the clean-up process(United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). pollution at the Site Processes involved in the smelting and foundry activities in the process of exploiting brass posed certain risks of contamination to the soil and water in the area. Contamination at the site was also evident at other materials at the site. As outlined by EPA, the soil and water exhibited the highest rate of contamination, although a melt down of media at the site also exhibited a direct of contamination . These media include fish media, sediment, fish tissue, and groundwater. Evidently, contamination occurred on both liquid-based and solid-based media. This contamination was associated with the waste handling process at the site during the brass smelting process. It appears that the relevant capacity in waste handling was not attained, contributing to a high risk factor of contamination to all the media at the site(United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). The contamination posed increased health threats because it affected the school water sources, the soils on site, and sediments. Assessment of the risk revealed that the highest contamination at the site was at the area in closest proximity to the smelting and foundry facility that lay on the site. It is worth noting that thorough assessment of the tip of contamination revealed that the drinking water in the adjacent residences was free from the contamination emanating from the site. Contaminants of Concern Analysis and assessment of the evident contamination resulting from the waste handling processes at the site revealed that several contaminants deserving serious awe were evident at the site. Experts highlighted that both alloys and polychlorinated biphenyls were the contaminants posing the greatest risk at the site. Investigations on the area highlighted that the metal boron and lead were some of the leading contaminants of concern. Other monitoring processes that analyzed the level of contamination in the wells revealed the presence of nitrate and ammonia as some of the critical contaminants. EPA experts working on the site identified these as the major contaminants posing health risks to the people living in the proximity of the site as well as those proving detrimental to the environment. Clean up Measures Utilized The cleanup activities are mean in a specific order beginning with extensive studies of the site, selection of the most effective remedy, calculative the remedy, construc tion of the remedy plan and post-construction activities(United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). Usually, EPA takes different clean up measures depending on the level of contamination at the site. Whereas some sites require energy action followed by a long-term therapeutic action plan of comprehensively studying the site ad developing an effective, clean up resolution. EPA implemented an emergency removal procedure in 1996 that sought to get rid of all the lead-contaminated soils as

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